S&W 629-1 smallThis web site is about firearms – all kinds of them. My brother and I will be talking a bit about the world of handguns, home self defense, gun reviews, hand-loading for our favorite cartridges and if we have the energy making comments on the current political chaos surrounding the gun grabbers attempts to strip the average American citizen of their Second Amendment rights.  By nature and choice both my brother and I are Libertarian leaning and find little consolation is the traditional political parties we have to choose from.

There is so much social media that connects us to what is going on in the world today.  Besides the use of FaceBook and Twitter, the presence of YouTube has really changed the landscape for how the regular folk can get the word out making their thoughts known and just plan sharing information.

Our attempt here will be to highlight some of that social media by uploading YouTube videos and pointing to twitter feeds.  All of this is for the most part focused on gun use and safety.  So enjoy.

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