Ruger Flat Top .44 magnum

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This is the first attempt at a video shot from an iPhone by my Pal Jose at the indoor Firing LIne in Burbank California.  This particular revolver, the Ruger Flat Top in .44 magnum, was manufactured in 1958.  That is a long time ago.  This revolver qualifies as a historical weapon being more than 50 years old.  I expect that means if you are reading this that this little revolver is older than most of the readers here.

The Ruger company has been focused on very strongly built revolvers since its conception.  The Flat Top model was not in production for very long giving way to the Super BlackHawk model which has more meat around the cylinder and can handle even bigger loads.  As it is, the Flat Top model is a serious contender for heavy loads in the cartridges it was designed for, the .357 and .44 magnum.

This revolver takes its place among the Rugers that I have and is one of the ones that I would not let go but be handed down.



No I call that a SWEET shooter.

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Revolvers: Boring, Antiquated, & Stupid

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Revolvers are pretty and show-offs without a pleasant personality, right?  The Yankee Marshal says its all here in his YouTube video



I love revolvers.  Revolvers are supper simple and very accurate, easy to carry and have a reliability record second to none.   Like my friend Jeff has said, “I have an unnatural affection for revolvers.”  In the past year more revolvers have been added to the collection more than any other style of weapon.  One of my favorite guys around is Hickok45 and his love for revolvers.  Here is his take on revolvers:



Revolvers ROCK

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It’s A New Day

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It’s a new day and a new millennium.  Social media is the way we are all communicating with each other it seams.  Email is dead used by the old folks while Facebook, Twitter and texting is the “the Big Thing”.

Here at the Metal Tiger’s home we will be focused on what is happening in the world of home defense, the shooting sports, and all of the legal chatter going on with gun laws.  My brother and I will be doing some gun reviews and talking about our hand-loading experience to share tips on different cartridges.

Johns G37.jpg-largeMy brother John just purchased a Glock generation 4 model 37 in .45 GAP.  This will be the first handgun that we will do extensive testing with and eventually do a review on.  You can tell he really enjoys his new companion.  The current load for the GAP that we are working on is with new Starline Brass and 230gr FMJ bullets from Montana Gold.  The powder is Universal and the data we have suggests a charge from 4.4 to 5.0 grains.  With the Universal powder that John prefers I suggested that he start at the middle of the range and work up slowly.   So the first rounds will be loaded with 4.6 or 4.7 grains of Universal.  We are going to load some of these up and see how they fly.  As with any hand-loading data, be sure to follow recognized published data by the powder or bullet manufactures.  Getting information off of the web and thinking its all sound wisdom is like taking advice from the homeless on how to refinance your home.

That being said there are very good sources of hand-loading advice and data out there.  I have found the The High Road forum to be really excellent for the new hand-loader to get information from.  Follow the link and most of all have fun.

You can follow me twitter also at MetalTigerShoot.

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TripleJRanch logging in from Central Az.

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Metal Tiger East sends this post from his porch overlooking the “ranch”




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